Ergonomic tool

The frequent and repetitive monotone work and the cold tempreture in combination with low friction and moist causes a great amount of workload on the human body and hand.


Cold temperature and moist, causes low blood circulation in the hands and is a potential risk for wrist, arm, neck and back injuries.


Slow blade causes more force in to the process of separating bone and meat. A maintained sharpness in the blade causes less force used by the hand and arm. It minimizes the risk for injuries in a repetetive workload.


Badly formed handles in a repetitive work area is a great risk when in use. To have a handle that is suited for the work scenario and is defined for the situation while used, minimeses the ergonomic risk.


Bad or no friction in the handle of a manual tool causes more force used by the hand to hold and grip the tool while using it. More manuall force causes risk for ergonomic injuries in the hand.The effects will increase in a moist and cold enviroment.


A tool that is not suited for the scenario while in use, causes damage to the body in a long term.

The economic loss for the company, society and the individual worker is big when a workers health is damaged.

Butchers are one of the occupations with the highest relative frequency of reported occupational injuries caused by musculoskeletal disorders. Carpaltunnelsyndrome is one of the more common njuries.


The goal was to improve the manuall rib separator for professional butchers in the meat processing industry and prevent musculoskeletal problems.

Correct thickness of the handle and rubber material (Victorinox Fibrox) creates more friction in the wet, humid and cold temprature and therefore eases the force and pressure in the hand while working. This prevents numbness and fatigue in the hand.The shape of the handle should be implemented for the pure purpose and the movement of the work momentum. It is important to have a neutral and soft shape for during repetetive movements and frequent usage. Areas that are not active when in use, should prevent the user to use the tool in a wrong way. Double grip sollution is not ultimate.


Angle in the back part prevents the tool hitting and stopping in the meat. It slows down the workflow and puts more force and wheight when pulling the tool while in use. Angle creates better pendulum.


Handle lenght is crutial for evening out the wheight and conentrating the force in the lowe part of the tool. Shorter distance between the blade and handle gives less use of force in the hand. A to long distance creates less control of the tool and adds more force in the hand during usage.


A formed grip suited for the specific manuall working scenario that gives good friction in Victorinox Fibrox material is added to improve the ergonomics in the handeling.

The tool can be produced with the same technique that is used for producing high quality industrial butcher knives - molded to a metall frame.


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